Odesza: In Return

In Return
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Artist: Odesza
Genre: Electronic
Label: Counter

What happens when a genre goes cold? When Odesza's Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight released their debut, chillwave was in full bloom and their album duly got lumbered with that tag. A few years on, chillwave is in the grave alongside electroclash and speed garage, but the Seattle duo's new album is very much full of life. A record of bright, gleeful, effervescent grooves topped and tailed by a gallery of new voices, In Return is above and beyond the usual spread of genres. You can hear traces and tinges of various ebbs and flows, from Bonobo and Ultramarine to Purity Ring and Glasser, but Odesza are forging their own path through the electronic pop wash. Say My Name, All We Need and It's Only are next-level pop tracks, all alive to the possibility of combining fun and genuinely striking music. A real corker. odesza.com