Night Works: Urban Heat Island

Fri, Mar 22, 2013, 00:00


Urban Heat island

Night Works

Loose Lips


Gabriel Stebbing is formerly of Metronomy and Your Twenties, so his resume demonstrates that he knows his way around electropop’s shimmering, nocturnal paramaters. For his latest twirl, Stebbing takes a few different turns, increases the ration of synths considerably, and has a look at what lies beyond the neon and glitter. The result is an album that finds a brittle tenderness beyond the dancefloor’s usual hedonistic fare. Such dabbling has proved fruitful for others before him, and Stebbing seems to delight in how this batch of occasionally sad songs can say so much more than happy-clappy anthems. Long Forgotten Boy resonates with a striking sense of isolation, while Arp displays Stebbing’s appreciation for how melodies can always work their magic. Classy, stylish hypnotic pop.
Download: Long Forgotten Boy, Arp