Mick Flannery: By the Rule

Fri, May 16, 2014, 00:00


By the Rule

Mick Flannery

Universal Ireland

Singer / Songwriter

It’s no slur on Mick Flannery’s talent to suggest that his back catalogue is not exactly loaded with musical pick-me-ups. But the Corkman has found his niche in the gravel-voiced troubadour market. Flannery’s fourth record, written during a temporary (and presumably lonely) relocation to Berlin, has its charms but relies more than usual on sparse, slow-burning balladry. Many of these songs are concerned with self-reproachful lyrics (Get What You Give, Own It) and love turned sour (Out to Sea), but Flannery’s exorcising of his ghosts is often unbearably downbeat. There’s real beauty in the latenight intimacy of Even Now, and The Small Fire builds to an enjoyably intense, violin-laden climax. However, too many of these songs are simply too sombre to gain pleasure from. One to admire rather than enjoy. mickflannery.com
Download: The Small Fire, Even Now