Marc Cary Focus Trio: Four Directions

Fri, Dec 20, 2013, 00:00


Four Directions

Marc Cary Focus Trio



Keyboard polyglot Marc Cary neatly anticipates any accusations of dilettantism with the title of his trio’s second studio album for trailblazing NYC indie label Motéma. Four directions (at least) are represented in this generously eclectic set from the New York native. But whether Cary is tearing up the electronic universe, dancing across the keys of a Fender Rhodes, or pounding on an acoustic piano, a common thread runs through his compositions: a dense, multi-layered texture, reminiscent of Jason Moran or Robert Glasper, which hints at underlying complexity without overwhelming the listener with technique. Percussionist Sameer Gupta and bassists Burniss Travis and Rashaan Carter are much more than supporting characters, but Cary is the prime focus of this powerhouse trio.