Jacob Collier - In My Room album review: the hype is deserved

Thu, Aug 11, 2016, 11:15


In My Room

Jacob Collier



“Much-anticipated” is a term much-abused by music publicists, but it applies to Jacob Collier’s debut album. The London-born multi-instrumentalist became a YouTube sensation at the age of 17 with his multitracked a capella performances of Stevie Wonder tunes.

Great things were confidently predicted, but Collier wasn’t in any rush. He has spent the ensuing five years further developing his unique concept (with a little help from his new best friend, producer Quincy Jones). His official debut, recorded entirely in the Collier family home, delivers on that early promise.

If there are parallels, it is with other musical polymaths such as Wonder, Prince and Hermeto Pascoal, but discernible also are the seeds of a fine jazz composer and pianist. So, yes, there’s hype. But so far, so richly deserved.