Francis Harris: Minutes of Sleep

Fri, Feb 28, 2014, 00:00


Minutes of Sleep

Francis Harris

Scissor & Thread


There’s a compelling melancholy in this second album from New York producer Francis Harris, written as a tribute to his late mother. (The death of his father inspired a previous album, Leland .) Harris wears his heart on his sleeve with a procession of deeply emotional motifs and passages. While his work as Adultnapper largely consists of pressing beats into dancefloor wares, Minutes of Sleep dwells in a much more sombre and contemplative realm. The subtle power of the arrangements on You Can Always Leave and New Rain gives you pause, especially as those brass sketches, broody strings and downbeat pianos go to work. There’s a beat underpinning the whole shebang, but, like Nicolas Jaar’s debut album, the real beauty lies in observing how the space between the sounds embellishes the heft of the music.
Download: New Rain, You Can Always Leave, Dangerdream