Four Tet: Beautiful Rewind

Thu, Oct 24, 2013, 16:12


Beautiful Rewind

Four Tet



Kieran Hebden continues to play footsie with the dancefloor and it’s a joy to behold. Rather than the experimental electronic spread of earlier years, the Four Tet man has begun favouring more colourful house, techno and assorted offshoots. This approach has seen Hebden produce some sterling work, such as the marvellous There Is Love in You album and the Pink collection. You can also hear swirls of this influence on his recent production work for Omar Souleyman’s Wanu Wanu. Here Hebden cuts loose with a swagger as he produces tracks that are compulsive (Aerial), gleeful (Parallel Jalebi, which has also got a redo from Hudson Mohawke) and elegantly sumptuous (Our Navigation). It’s an album both in tune with and in thrall to the dancefloor as Heben navigates his way up and down the dial.
Download: Aerial, Parallel Jalebi