Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed: My Way Home review

Thu, Jun 9, 2016, 20:00


My Way Home


Yep Roc


Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed could easily write an album about his ins and outs with various labels over the years. His fifth album, though, was inspired by gospel and soul stirrings he rediscovered in recent times.

Reed is no stranger to such roots, having played organ and piano in Mitty Collier’s Chicago church in earlier times.

While these sounds have peppered previous albums, “My Way Home” was also informed by his work as a volunteer with the Gospel For Teens project and instructing young ones in gospel’s rich history.

When it came to his own record, Reed favours the more boisterous side of the tracks, the likes of “Hold Out”, “Cut Ya Down” and “A Few More Days” full of raw power and ferocious, righteous spirit.

It makes for a record with its heart and soul in the right place and one which augers well for Reed’s next adventures.