Eleanor McEvoy - Naked Music: a successful venture

Thu, Feb 11, 2016, 21:45


Naked Music

Eleanor McEvoy


Singer / Songwriter

Most musicians go through their entire career without looking back over their shoulders. In Eleanor McEvoy’s case, her most recent releases have entailed scrutinising her past.

After 2014’s odds ‘n’ ends compilation Stuff, this collection sees the Dubliner stripping songs from her catalogue to their barest bones and re-recording them with just voice and guitar (and on occasion, keyboards and minimal percussion).

It’s a successful venture overall; McEvoy’s distinctive voice is charged with a newfound experience on the likes of 1999’s Please Heart, You’re Killing Me and Look Like Me, while an a cappella telling of The DJ is impressive and affecting.

It may not gather in any new fans, but these versions offer a refreshing perspective on some truly durable and enjoyable tunes from McEvoy’s canon.