Eels: a nifty segway into a final night of rock

Matching tracksuits and deafening sounds hit the spot in Stradbally

Artist: Eels

Venue: Main Stage

Date Reviewed: September 1st, 2013

Stars: ***

Let us be the first to say it: dress codes for bands are underrated. Judging by his band’s attire, Mark ‘E’ Everett will agree with that estimation; the matching Adidas tracksuits, beards and sunglasses look they’re collectively sporting is in line with the Eels frontman’s quirky sense of humour.

Fronting a band of impeccable musicians, their set draws largely from excellent new album Wonderful, Glorious. Much of the crowd aren’t quite sure what to make of E’s ‘mad professor’ shrieking between songs, but when the music does the talking, it is deafening.

There is grit and groove to the scuzzy rock ‘n’ roll of Peach Blossom and Prizefighter and a deft bounce to Fresh Feeling, while Dirty Girl plucks a more gentle chord amid the high-octane wig outs. OK, so maybe that ramped-up cover of Let It Be could have been left off the setlist, but as the sun set over Stradbally, this was a nifty segue into the main stage’s final night of rock.