Doctor Millar: C48

Fri, Sep 27, 2013, 00:00



Doctor Millar

Mass Market Recordings

Singer / Songwriter

After two decades of making music in various forms, including compositions for theatre, Seán Millar uses his sixth album to indulge his love of 1970s folk. Recorded with the aim of capturing the organic imperfections and authenticity of the decade, most of C48 is a success. Joe Chester’s production lends intimacy to My Kids (a touching tribute to parent-child relationships) and fiddler Steve Wickham adds texture to Your Eyes Like Sorrow. Touchpoints include John Martyn (My Kids) and Elvis Costello (the harmonica-led rollick of The Devil’s Dirty Rhyme), while You Fill My Heart With Greed sees the Dubliner perfect his Bob Dylan impression. C48 is not quite the full package and several tracks come close to outstaying their welcome, but Millar’s songs do have a big heart.
Download: My Kids, Your Eyes Like Sorrow