DJ Khaled - Major Key album review: the hypeman gathers a stellar cast

Major Key
    
Artist: DJ Khaled
Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap
Label: Black Butter/Epic

When Khaled bin Abdul Khaled discovered Snapchat, he found his holy grail. The New Orleans-born producer and DJ may have eight albums, but it’s the unique way in which he embraced and utilised the social media network which set him apart.

Now as much of an inspirational lifecoach as a musician, Khaled’s latest comes with an eye-catching A-list cast including Jay-Z, Future, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Wayne, Big Sean and tons more.

So what does Khaled do? For the most part, he's cheerleader and hypeman, adding a few shouts of "major keys" here and there, co-producing some of the turns and leaving the meat to the guests. I Got the Keys is a banger thanks to Jigga and Future's fiery contributions, Holy Key sees Lamar and Big Sean go brilliantly head to head and Nas Album Done is a fine piece of Nas handiwork.