David Kitt: Yous review – Get yizzer hands on this fine album

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Artist: David Kitt
Genre: Singer / Songwriter
Label: All City Records

In the nine years since his last album, The Nightsaver, David Kitt has thrown himself into house and techno music under his New Jackson moniker. But on Yous, the crunch of techno quietens down to a whisper, with Kitt thumbing a guitar and Margie Lewis on violin playing a crucial role, lifting the songs as she goes.

Yous is an immersive experience that shows the different sides of Ireland. Like Lightning is a spontaneous tale of what happens when you miss the last bus out of Galway, the slinky tones in The Taste of Without criticises the economic downturn Ireland has gone through, and Made It Mine celebrates our ownership of the country's greyness. Kitt captures that love/hate relationship people can have with their Irishness, addressing the invisible thread that will always keep us linked to the old sod. While his deconstruction of Fever Ray's Keep the Streets Empty for Me is less of a poltergeist than the original, it still haunts.

Closing with the hopeful and affectionate Song of Two Birds, Yous is a fine and heartfelt album, one yous should get yizzer hands on. davidkitt.bandcamp.com