Dan Bodan: Soft

Fri, Nov 7, 2014, 00:00



Dan Bodan



There’s an alluring depth at play on Dan Bodan’s debut album. The Canadian living in Berlin is a singer with a fragile, lonesome note to his voice, a feature greatly enhanced by the sounds he chooses to surround his songs with. Even in the midst of a hefty gathering of collaborators and producers (including Physical Therapy, Ville Haimala, Mesh, 18+ and others), the star of this wistful, melancholic daydreamer of an album is Bodan and his Chet Baker/David McAlmontesque voice. Throughout, you can catch a glimpse of the stranger coming to grips with the lexicon and mannerisms of a different city, with Bodan’s sweet, soft electropop pressed into use to provide some musical contexts for his musings. Take a spin with Soft As Rain, Anonymous or a great reading of old jazz standard For Heaven’s Sake. facebook.com/danbodanonline