Carl Craig: Masterpiece

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Artist: Carl Craig
Genre: Electronic
Label: Ministry Of Sound

Carl Craig has been at the fore- front of the Detroit techno pack for years, an innovative producer of diverse music, rich in intensity, drama and emotion. He's also a DJ with winning ears when it comes to the selection process, as this three-legged mix-album shows. Aspiration is Craig's statement on the current state of the dancefloor, 70 minutes of dark, lush, melodic minimalism and perfectly finessed modern underground freakery. Inspiration delves into his back pages, a collection of the sounds that influenced him from Derrick May and Mortiz von Oswald to dub science from African Head Charge, fiery soul from Erykah Badu, and fuzzy blues from Muddy Waters. The pick of the three is Meditation, six superbly textured new synth compositions that combine ambient, barebones trancey glitter and slow, after-dark, downtempo grooves. The handiwork of a master.
Download: Tom Trago, Use Me Again; African Head Charge, Crocodile Hand Luggage; Meditation 3