Bully’s Acre: The Twelve Pins

Thu, Jan 1, 2015, 16:00


The Twelve Pins

Bully's Acre

Big Beat Music


Anyone whose hips swivel to the opening bars of a tune will be smitten by this inventive collection.

Bully’s Acre is a new trio firmly focused on the percussive subtleties of folk and traditional Irish, with an emphasis on the complexities of flamenco and just a hint of bluegrass.

Robbie Harris (percussion), Peter Browne (accordion) and Argentinean Lucas González (guitar) weave remarkable textures between the rhythmic forces of their finely honed tune set.

The space that infiltrates González’s own composition, Sal Del Mar, wears its jazz-like improvisational qualities lightly, while the collective’s “7” is a breathtaking celebration of the percussive forces of all three instruments. The Twelve Pins is a vigorous and fresh-faced debut.