Bob Dylan – Triplicate: The great man pays homage to the great American songbook

Wed, Mar 29, 2017, 10:32



Bob Dylan



And then there were three – together. A year on from Fallen Angels, which, in turn, was a year on from 2015’s Shadows in the Night – the start of Dylan’s romance with the great American songbook – the great man pays homage to 30 more venerable tunes.

They are divided thematically into three 10-track sets: 1) Til The Sun Goes Down; 2) Devil Dolls; and 3) Comin’ Home Late. And while we would love to hear new Dylan material measuring these troubled times, it is but to cavil for these are moving and respectful readings filled with heart and soul. Some mock his voice, laughing at its limitations, but they forget that his phrasing and timing have influenced a generation.

Here his sandpaper serenity, humour and insight, combined with his serendipitous choice of material soaked in imaginative moody settings, makes for seductive listening. Sinatraist of course but unmistakably Dylan as well.