Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Wrong Creatures review – As predictable as a Status Quo set list

Fri, Jan 12, 2018, 06:00


Wrong Creatures

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Vagrant Records


No one anticipates a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album wondering if the band have swerved into some new, innovative, dynamic direction. They are a worn leather jacket of a band, smelling of nights in dimly lit dive bars and as predictable as a Status Quo set list.

And so, it’s difficult to get excited about this, their eighth album. Tracks such as Spook, King of Bones and bone-headed single Little Thing Gone Wild with their crunchy reverb, distortion-drenched production and lazy lyrics could be plucked from any of the band’s previous offerings. Things take a slight detour with the expansive Kings of Leon-esque Echo, a gentle, radio-friendly offering with a hypnotic bassline and surging chorus and the acid-tripping haze of Ninth Configuration that is reminiscent of The Verve in their dreamy, lysergic Storm in Heaven days. Wrong Creatures is no journey to an undiscovered territory but rather just another pit-stop across blankly familiar terrain.