Bhi Bhiman: Rhythm & Reason | Album Review

Fri, Jun 26, 2015, 00:00


Rhythm & Reason

Bhi Bhiman



It’s always intriguing when artists with an outsider point of view go hammer and tongs into a traditional, dyed-in the-wool sound. Bhi Bhiman was born and bred in the US, but his family’s Sri Lanka origins are a strong part of his identity.

On Rhythm & Reason, he goes poking and rooting around with Americana shapes and styles to make his own path through all that hallowed heritage.

Produced by Sam Kassirer, the songs cover a welterweight of the big issues like history, race, migration and society, but Bhiman’s touch is light and dexterous throughout.

Songs like There Goes the Neighbourhood and Up In Arms benefit from his great holler of a voice and the addition of subtle yet captivating soul and blues flourishes. An album which displays all the signs that this is one which will weather well with time.