Angus & Julia Stone - Snow review: blizzard of banalities

Thu, Sep 14, 2017, 12:39



Angus & Julia Stone

Le Label/PIAS

Singer / Songwriter

Beige might be a more appropriate title for Angus and Julia Stone’s fourth album. The Australian siblings are known for their intimate folk-driven songs and even Rick Rubin, who produced their last album, is a big fan.

This collection is pretty by the numbers, though, from Julia’s eye-rollingly coquettish vocals to Angus’s contrasting murmured growl and their call-and-response formula. More importantly, their songs are bland creations, dripping with laboured pretence, as heard on Sleep Alone and the lacklustre Baudelaire. Only the Springsteen-esque shimmer of guitar on Who Do You Think You Are? inspires any emotional response.

It all sounds like the aural equivalent of a Pinterest board in the buyer’s department of Urban Outfitters: studied nonchalance with no real identity of its own.