Too Late to Stop Now - Reekus Records 1981 - 2011 Reekus Records****

Cork-born and Dublin-raised, Reekus Records may not have been the first Irish indie label championing new artists in the early 1980s, but it has proved to be not only the longest serving but also the best. This two-CD set is divided into “then” and “now” (the latter from when the label was reactivated in 2000), and features tracks, some quite rare, from the likes of The Blades, Big Self, Aslan, Microdisney, Nun Attax and Barry Warner. New bands featured include The Radio, Sweet Jane, Saccade, Saville and David Hopkins. Notably, for an indie label, the quality control over the decades is remarkably high, yet – and here’s the rub – not one act has yet to achieve full mainstream recognition. Pity, as talented songwriters and bands ricochet from top to bottom here. See

Download tracks: The Blades , Downmarket;Nun Attax, Eyeballs; Sweet Jane, Close Your Eyes