Thee Oh Sees: An Odd Entrances review – odds and sods from the garage

An Odd Entrances
    
Genre: Rock
Label: Castle Face

Is there a more prolific band in garage rock today than Thee Oh Sees? The 18th studio album – and second release in the space of three months – from John Dwyer and friends is drawn from the same recording sessions which produced last summer's A Weird Exits. While that album was noteworthy for its focused wham-bam energy, cosmic riffery and the excellent interplay between twin drummers Ryan Moutinho and Dan Rincon, this "appendix" is a much more odds-and-sods collection. You can see why the band chose to leave these songs to one side, as they don't quite fit the template of the last record. Instead of the blistering sounds which made the previous album zing with such ear-catching aplomb, you've got a couple of trippy jams (Jammed Exit), one monster-sized riff (You Will Find It Here) and some spacey blurs (The Poem). One for the(e) fans.