Tame Impala


InnerspeakerModular ****

The best way to enjoy Innerspeakeris to turn your mind off, relax and float downstream. Tame Impala waft this way from Perth on a wave of crunchy, irresistable psychedelia. What the young trio have produced is an album that combines hazy stoner pop, swirling guitartronica and a heavy retro backbeat. Some of that latter influence is down to how lead singer Kevin Parker sounds, in places, a hell of a lot like John Lennon, but Innerspeakernever becomes a dusty museum piece, as is the case with some British groups who have attempted similar wig-outs in recent years. Instead, tracks such as Solitude Is Bliss, Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mindand Bold Arrow of Timeaim for and reach a higher ground, aided and abetted by Mercury Rev/

Flaming Lips’ David Fridmann’s far-out, largescale production nous. Smart, adventurous, majestic pop.

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Download tracks: Solitude Is Bliss, Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind, Bold Arrow of Time