Phoenix offer succour in response to benighted times

Ti Amo
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Artist: Phoenix
Genre: Rock
Label: Loyaute/Glassnote/Atlantic Records

Dark times sometimes acts as an impetus for strong music. Phoenix's sixth album comes tempered in some ways by the events of recent times in their native Paris – a recent interview recounts how guitarist Christian Mazzalai got caught up in the aftermath of the Bataclan attacks – and there is also a darker hue to many of the songs.

When it comes to dealing with new world (and Gallic) orders, Phoenix’s answer to all of this is to turn to their own craftsmanship to offer succour and a response.

The title track is a bubbly, playful, giddy disco twist, J-Boy steers with a more striking European strut, Goodbye Soleil is a gloriously pitched track and Fleur de Lys pushes and pulls a Fela Kuti Afrobeat rhythm into the heart of the song. An album from a sussed band who know that making art is one way to counteract those who wage hate and disharmony.