Joss Stone


The Soul Sessions, Vol 2 S-Curve***

A set of cover versions in 2003 first introduced the world to Joss Stone and her fantastic soul voice. Given the diminishing creative returns that have set in since then, it’s probably inevitable that Stone would return to the soul archives in search of some fresh inspiration and, perhaps, her original audience. Indeed, there are direct correlations here, with a take on Broken Bells’ The High Road recalling her impressive retooling of The White Stripes’ Fell in Love with a Girl. Elsewhere, Joss gives Womack Womack’s Teardrops a large dollop of melodrama, funks Stoned Out of My Mind into outer space, and finds some fascinating nuances in the midst of The Rolling Stones’ I Got the Blues. A strong, enjoyable record, then, though you’ll be reminded that Stone has yet to write a song half as good as anything here.

Download tracks:I Got the Blues, The High Road