Hot Chip


In our Heads Domino****

It may feel as if Hot Chip never actually take a break between albums, such is the endless procession of ambitious side- projects – the 2 Bears, New Build, About Group and Joe Goddard’s glorious Gabriel tune from last year. They’re now signed to Domino, the label that frontman Alexis Taylor used to write press releases back in the day.

In Our Heads is a resounding re-enforcement of the unorthodox electrofunk manifesto that has held sway since the beginning. Hot Chip’s talent is creating unlikely killer infectious jams with immediately identifiable tags. Tracks such as Motion Sickness (steel-pan r’n’b with electro swirls), How Do You Do and Flutes, all soulful Prince- like vocals and swirling dancefloor hooks, could only come from the Hot Chipper. What they hear in their heads are sounds to make your feet – and heart – move.

Download tracks:Motion Sickness, How Do You Do, Flutes