Han Bennink Trio


Bennink & CoILK ****

Legendary Dutch drummer Han Bennink is liable to hit anything that comes to hand – a music stand, a chair, a round of cheese (Edam, of course). But on this rare outing with his own trio, Bennink eschews even his drumkit in favour of a solitary, borrowed snare drum. It’s a typically creative impulse from a true musical anarchist who provokes appropriately inventive reactions from rising young pianist Simon Toldam and equally young and gifted reed player Joachim Badenhorst.

A sort of steampunk atmosphere pervades Bennink & Co, with each musician blithely ignoring the conventions of his instrument. Though it’s all done with wit and humour, this is serious and often abstract improvisation of the highest order, drawn together by the sheer inventiveness and glorious groove of one of Europe’s most original percussionists. hanbennink.com