Band Of Horses


Olympia Theatre, Dublin Tomorrow 8pm €26 0818-719300

You’d be staking your claim on Grammy-nominated Band of Horses too easily if you called them a traditional American rock band. This is basically true, but there’s something about the way that frontman/ singer-songwriter Ben Bridwell manages to bring the music back from the precipice of ordinariness that marks the Seattle/South Carolina group as one of the best of their generation.

If you must, push them onto the plateau occupied by the likes of Fleet Foxes, Iron Wine, Wilco and The Avett Brothers. Add to this list the occasional out-there righteousness of Neil Young at his most psyched-out and melodic.

The result – as captured on albums such as 2010’s Infinite Arms and this year’s Mirage Rock – is an outfit that catches the imagination while performing some of the best alt.folk-influenced guitar rock you’ve heard in a long, long time.

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