Cork Arts Development Plan


The announcement by Cork Corporation that, in association with the Arts Council, it is preparing a new Arts Development Plan for the city once again acknowledges CADC as an intermediary. The corporation's five-year strategy is in the charge of Mark Mulqueen, the City Arts Officer, and is presented in the context of the first Arts Development Plan for Cork, launched in 1990.

It took seven years from then for an Arts Officer to be appointed. His first major undertaking is a process of wide-ranging consultation which will culminate in the presentation of a draft development plan to the city council by September, and the introduction of the five-year strategy by the end of this year. The Corporation's plan involves CADC and already that body has established a temporary committee to oversee its participation.

CADC receives no Arts Council funding for itself, nor does it review submissions made by others. Yet the Arts Council statement has suggested a connection between its allocation decisions and CADC which observers here consider unfounded.