Catch The Ark


4 cert, Chillingo, iPad (also iPhone, iPod Touch) ***

Did Noah’s Ark leave any animals behind? Assuming you believe the Bible story, it could have happened. Catch the Ark follows three fictitious animals that didn’t quite make it to the boat. What follows is an endless racing game in which you hurtle along waterways and avoid obstacles in pursuit. The heroes are vaguely Disney/Muppet-style creatures, and each mishap knocks one from the raft. Lose all three and it’s game over. The graphics are sunny and cute, the gameplay fast and fluid. There are shades of Crash Bandicoot in the appearance, tone and gameplay, and its endless, rhythmic racing echoes The Last Driver (also by Chillingo). As with many games on portable devices, you can save your progress and compare it to that of Facebook friends. One final thought: Wouldn’t it be tragic if such resourceful, raft- using animals really did die in the great flood? Maybe it’s best not to think about such things.