Sunrise Sunset by Tina Pisco

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Sat, Jul 22, 2017, 00:00


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Sunrise Sunset


Tina Pisco

Fish Publishing

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In her acknowledgements for this collection of short stories, Tina Pisco states, “I did not write these stories for anyone but myself.” It’s a brave, honest statement which explains why the reader will get that impression as they make their way through the book. The stories truly feel as if they have been written out of a sense of freedom which means that anything goes. From the gentle melancholy and longing of The Lobster Boat to the absurd eponymous Sunrise Sunset which sees a woman discover that her loving husband is a carrier pigeon – which explains his long flights and absences from home – this is a collection that allows itself to ask the weird little questions that pop into our heads. In the rush and bustle of life, we shove these notions to the margins, but Pisco has brought them front and centre in a whimsical collection that gives full permission to us to let our minds wander towards the quirky side of life.