Crosaire No 17382 by Crossheir – Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

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8 Discount rate doesn’t include rustic (‘discount rate’ doesn’t include ‘rustic’ = donate = DONATE) present (present/gift = DONATE),

9 A gun (a gun) goes off (= anagram indicator) (a gun = -UNGA-) in Knock (blow = B-LOW) (BUNGALOW) cottage (BUNGALOW),

10 Some revolutionary (= reverse indicator) unsettled a family (some ‘unsettlED A Family’ = edaf = FADE) in decline (FADE),

11 Ruins (ruins) sculpture (= anagram indicator) (ruins = INSUR-) for the men (-GENTS) (INSURGENTS) and women responsible for The Rising (INSURGENTS),


12 Piece of countryside greenbelt (piece of ‘countrysiDE GREEnbelt’ = DEGREE) comes with a qualification (DEGREE),

14 Almost (n) reserved (taken) (‘taken’ without ‘n’ = TAKE-) going out (-AWAY) (TAKEAWAY) with less (TAKEAWAY),

15 Polished off (-ATE) fitting (PROPER-) on top of taps (top of ‘Taps’ = -T-) in outside toilet (privy = PRIV- -Y) (PRIVATE PROPERTY) – it’s a sign it’s for personal use (PRIVATE PROPERTY),

18 Who’s labouring on the job (EMPLOYED) to commission (EMPLOY-) writer? (-ED) (EMPLOYED),

20 Guard (ENSURE), engineer (E-), nurse (nurse), butcher? (= anagram indicator) (nurse = -NSURE) (ENSURE),

22 Doing paperwork (EDITING OUT) is a prerequisite of filmmaking (EDITING) in the open (OUT) (EDITING OUT),

24 Wealthy (RICH) characters in Maastricht (characters in ‘maastRICHt’ = RICH),

25 Intentional destructive type (SABOTEUR) of trouble (= anagram indicator) at Bourse (at Bourse = SABOTEUR),

26 Don’t move (REMAIN) around (= reverse indicator) Niamh (Niamh) briefly (h) (‘Niamh’ without ‘h’ = niam = -MAIN) in hospital (ER = RE-) (REMAIN).


1 Track down (LOCATE) talent scout dismissing stunt (‘talent scout’ dismissing ‘stunt’ = taleco = LOCATE),

2 Safe keeping (CARE) of bank’s cause célèbre (banks ‘CAuse célèbRE’ = CARE),

3 Lads  (-MEN-) consumed by Tiger (tiger) Roll back (roll back = reverse indicator) (tiger = REGI-T) (REGIMENT) those taking on War of Attrition (REGIMENT),

4 Four of the upcoming possibilities (four of the upcoming ‘posSIBIlities’ = sibi = IBIS) for wading bird (IBIS),

5 A (A-) woman (-NORA-) gets cocktail (‘cocK’ tail = -K) (ANORAK) that’ll keep her warm on a cold night (ANORAK),

6 They’re temporarily in charge (CARETAKERS) of 2 down (‘care’ = CARE) and half of 14 across (half of ‘TAKEaway’ = -TAKE-) on both sides of Rocky Mountains (both sides of ‘Rocky mountainS’ = -RS)   (CARETAKERS),

7 Draw a distinction between (CONTRAST) various (= anagram indicator) cantors (cantors = CON-RAST) around tenor (-T-) (CONTRAST),

13 Rebel (revolt = REVOL-T-) admits underground leader (‘Underground’ leader = -U-) has a fair amount of (half of) the vision (half of the ‘visION’ = -ION) (REVOLUTION) for the insurgency (REVOLUTION),

14 Recorded (TAPED) one of those in the house (TD = T-D) getting to grips with comic (-APE-) (TAPED),

16 Flips over (= reverse indicator) the French (‘the’ French = la = -AL) papers (ID papers = -DI-) taking clip (m) of viral sensation (meme) (‘meme’ without ‘m’ = -EME-) and writing (from the 3Rs = R-) (REMEDIAL) that’s a tonic (REMEDIAL),

17 Veto (OVERTURN) one of those in a movement (mover) needing no introduction (m) (‘mover’ needing no ‘m’ = OVER-) to revolution (-TURN) (OVERTURN),

19 Jerk (YANK-) on drugs (Es / E+E = -EE) (YANKEE) from The New Yorker (YANKEE),

21 Shrink in fear (RECOIL) of registrar initially (‘Registrar’ initially = R-) finding E coli (E coli) all over the place (= anagram indicator) (e coli = -ECOIL) (RECOIL),

23 Gets high (soars), loses head (s)  (‘soars’ without ‘s’ = OARS) and rows (OARS),

24 1,000 (Roman 1,000 = -M-) involved in strike (RA-P) (RAMP) coming down the hill (RAMP).