Crosaire No 16761 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 29th, 2018

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1 Supported oneself (lived = LIVE -D) acquiring wild (= anagram indicator) boar (boar = BROA-) and fish (-CAST) (LIVE BROADCAST) and what’s put out for media consumption (LIVE BROADCAST),

10 First (INITIAL) unit (I-) from Latin (Latin = -N-TIAL) designed (= anagram indicator) around the start of the Interregnum (start of the ‘interregnum’ =-I-) (INITIAL),

11 Criminal (= anagram indicator) aims of (aims of = MAFIOS-) current (-I) (MAFIOSI) gangsters (MAFIOSI),


12 Spirit (ELAN) with fizz? (ELAN),

13 Transfer art out (‘transfer’ minus ‘art’ = nsfer = FERNS) to somewhere in Wexford (FERNS),

15 Pass one’s time (LIVE) on all sides today (LIVE on four sides of today’s grid),

17 Half a dozen characters included (‘half a dozen’ characters included = FAD) in Vogue (FAD),

19 No room in comic opera (no ‘room’ in ‘comic opera’ = cicpea = ICE CAP) for cold type from summit (ICE CAP),

21 It’s a measure (LENGTH) of what’s left (L-) for Ghent (Ghent = -ENGTH) movement (= anagram indicator) (LENGTH),

22 The trappings of royalty (REGALIA) found in (= anagram indicator) Algeria (Algeria = REGALIA),

23 Take mast from the assignment (take ‘mast’ from the ‘assignment’ = signen = ENSIGN) on the boat (ENSIGN / flag),

25 Most of (s) the media (‘press’ without ‘s’ = PRES-) is on to (-TO) (PRESTO) it with a quick tempo? (PRESTO),

27 Place (SET) belonging to Siamese twins (belonging to ‘Siamese twins’ = SET),

29 Tiny parasites (LICE) in the public eye (in the ‘public eye’ = LICE),

30 Cared (cared = CADRE) desperately (= anagram indicator) for small group (CADRE),

31 Folk (KIN-) legend (‘leg’ end = -G) (KING) on board (KING on chessboard),

34 Collect (ROUND UP) our (our = ROU-) mysterious (= anagram indicator) new leader (‘new’ leader = -N-) from northern party (-D UP) (ROUND UP),

35 Jubilation putting out job (‘jubilation’ putting out ‘job’ = uilatin = NAUTILI) for the swimmers (NAUTILI),

36 To be constantly taking a walk down memory lane (LIVE IN THE PAST) is to have a background in 19th century history perhaps (LIVE IN THE PAST).


2 Copy (IMITATE) from Ireland (Ireland domain = i.e. = I-E) all over US College (Massachusetts Institute of Technology = -MIT-) and a (-A-) writer’s centre (‘writers’ centre = -T-) (IMITATE),

3 Sides of edible fruit (sides of ‘edible fruit’ = EDIT) to prepare for the cookery magazine, for one (EDIT),

4 It’s a comfort (RELIEF) to official (RE-F) holding on to story (-LIE-) (RELIEF),

5 Nutty type (ALMOND) of poor (= anagram indicator) old man (old man = ALMOND),

6 Members of Metallica feeling (members of ‘Metallica feeling’ = CAFé) out of place promoting Hot Chocolate (CAFE),

7 Taking part on the catwalk (SHOWING) modelling (= anagram indicator) his gown (his gown = SHOWING),

8 Enjoy The Good Life with one’s lady (LIVE LIKE A LORD) as it goes out (LIVE) and relish (LIKE) answer (A) from the man upstairs (LORD) (LIVE LIKE A LORD),

9 Electrified (LIVE) by cast (cast = “threw” = “through” = THROUGH) on the radio (= homophone indicator) and comedian (wit) needing no introduction (w) (‘wit’ without ‘w’ = IT) (LIVE THROUGH IT) from experience (LIVE THROUGH IT),

14 Annoyed (raged = RA-GED) about Virginia (-VA-) (RAVAGED) left in ruins (RAVAGED),

16 Transport (CAR-) gets green light (-GO) (CARGO) coming off ship (CARGO),

18 Epicentre (HEART) of earth (earth = HEART) quake? (= anagram indicator),

20 Bit of compensation (bit of “compensation” = PEN) for the writer (PEN),

21 Some of the chilli powder (some of the ‘chilli powder’ = LIP) found on one’s mouth (LIP),

24 Demons (SUCCUBI) of water transport (submarine = S-UB-) taking in university (University College Cork = -UCC-) and institute (-I) (SUCCUBI),

26 Elevated (= reversal indicator) journeys (trips = SPIR-T-) around island (-I-) can be endless (end ‘less’ = -S) (SPIRITS) and might scare the living daylights out of you (SPIRITS),

27 Small (S-) hearing aid (-AMP-) for worker (man) heading off (m) (‘man’ without ‘m’ = -AN) (SAMPAN) with crafty type in Asia (SAMPAN small boat),

28 Channel (TRENCH) 10 (10 = T-EN-) covers opening of Reformist (opening of ‘reformist’ =-R-) Church (-CH) (TRENCH),

32 Sounds like (= homophone indicator) Count’s (“adds” = “ADZE”) for the chop (axe-type tool = ADZE),

33 Polish (polish = rub = BUR-) retiring (= reversal indicator) from power (-P) (BURP) gets to show appreciation for Arabian dinner (BURP).