Crosaire No 16756 by Crossheir – Monday, September 24th, 2018

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8 Some thermostat to outlet (some “thermostat to outlet” = TATTOO) can be drawn in the parlour (TATTOO in Tattoo parlour),

9 There’s no getting away from this (IMPRISON) lock-up and leave? (IMPRISON)

10 Upmarket (POSH) butcher’s (= anagram indicator) shop (shop = POSH),


11 Babe’s lover (babe’s lover = OBSERVABLE) out of place (= anagram indicator) and everyone can see it (OBSERVABLE),

12 No Pinot in Appellation (no ‘Pinot’ in ‘Appellation’ = apella’ = PAELLA) that’s a staple of European restaurant (PAELLA),

14 Joker (WIT-) from hospital (-H-) ward (ward = -DRAW) knocks back (= reversal indicator) (WITHDRAW) takeaway (WITHDRAW),

15 One of those not comfortable in new environment (A FISH OUT OF WATER) might be a good catch for someone else (A FISH OUT OF WATER),

18 Two different gangsters (Al + con = -ALCON-) consumed by young fish (fry = F-RY) (FALCONRY) and birds of prey (FALCONRY),

20 Rotter (rotter = RETORT) makes (= anagram indicator) comeback (RETORT),

22 It’s about (RE-) new (= anagram indicator) menu (menu = -MUNE-) and how much one can charge (rate = -RATE) (REMUNERATE) to pay for the service (REMUNERATE),

24 You’ll need 26 across to do this (you’ll need ‘tackle’ to FISH) to drop a line (FISH),

25 Something for the barman (ICE) in the paper (SHEET) (ICE SHEET) is really cool but needs to be avoided when driving (ICE SHEET),

26 Gear (TACKLE) that’s essential for a cast (fishing TACKLE).


1 Rings Samaritans for Rosa (rings/surrounds ‘Samaritans for Rosa’ = SAMOSA) from Indian restaurant (SAMOSA),

2 Longing (ITCH) to head off (p) to the ground (‘pitch’ without ‘p’ = ITCH),

3 Officer (CO-) at the manor (Lord = -LOR-D-) welcomes a (-A-) round (-O) (COLORADO) on the western edge of the Great Plains (COLORADO),

4 Gives a helping hand (AIDS) to characters in air-raid shelters (characters in ‘air raid shelters’ = AIDS),

5 Tears (rips = SPIR-) around city centre (‘city’ centre = -IT) (SPIRIT) with one of The Shadows (SPIRIT),

6 Nice finish (Nice/French ‘finish’ = FIN-) by a (-A-) length (-L) produced by the banker (DRAFT) (FINAL DRAFT) – and the bookmakers are happy to see that? (FINAL DRAFT),

7 Music (SOUL) on boat (MATE) (SOUL MATE) for romantic partner (SOUL MATE),

13 What student took giving up education for good (LAST COURSE) – that should be sweet? (sweet/dessert = LAST COURSE),

14 One Direction (west = W-) ditty (ditty) doesn’t start (w) (‘ditty’ without ‘d’ = -ITTY) (WITTY) with clever wordplay (WITTY),

16 Dance in Madrid (FLAMENCO) with love interest (FLAME-) from the army (-NCO)  (FLAMENCO),

17 Man of Letters loses a lot (‘Man of Letters’ loses ‘a lot’ = mnfeters = FERMENTS) and bubbles over (FERMENTS),

19 Selection drops lot (‘selection’ drops ‘lot’ = seecin = NIECES) of family members (NIECES),

21 Sequel (RESULT) to Ulster (Ulster = RESULT) novel (= anagram indicator),

23 Opens and closes Arabian Nights (opens and closes ‘Arabian Nights’ = ARTS) to a degree (ARTS degree),

24 Profile (FACE) both sides fall from grace (both sides ‘fall from grace’ = FACE).