Web Log: Curious tales from the cryptid

Festival of Curiosity event celebrates science across Dublin


Today, all across Dublin city, the Festival of Curiosity kicks off. This four-day event celebrates science by holding engaging and entertaining events for the public on everything from astronomy to ugly animals. If you can’t make any events, there is still a chance to experience the spirit of the festival by listening to a fantastic audio production made by podcasters Shaun O’Boyle and Maurice Kelliher.

Tales from the Cryptid weaves stories of mythical beasts such as the Kraken with schlocky B-movie snippets to great effect. Listen to evolutionary geneticist Aoife McLysaght and astrophysicist Joseph Roche talk about man-eating trees and terrifying sea beasts, while 13-year-old science communicator Kevin O’Boyle recounts the tale of the Martian Monkey.