Web Log

Google’s big Ideas on internet access for all


With active projects aimed at developing technologies to “enable people to confront threats in the face of conflict, instability or repression”, Google Ideas is a series of side projects from the search engine giant. This week they introduced three new projects including uProxy, a plugin that allows for a secure and trusted internet connection with the help of friends. Project Shield is a Google tool designed to prevent DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that can take down websites, and the Digital Attack Map lets users visualise and explore data on these kinds of attacks worldwide.


Recycling your Wii as Nintendo says goodbye
When it came on the scene in late 2006, the Wii gaming console brought motion sensitive gaming to our living rooms. It has since sold more than 100 million units worldwide but Nintendo has now announced that it will stop production of Wii units, presumably in an effort to properly retire the original and boost sales of its successor, the Wii U. Don’t box up your old Wii yet; this website has some suggestions for alternative use e.g. install emulators to play classic games or turn it into a media centre.


Medieval Land Fun-Time World
A visit to Bad Lip Reading is the most fun you can have on YouTube. They take clips from popular television shows and dub it over with hilarious dialogue. What these guys have done with epic fantasy gorefest Game of Thrones is both totally nonsensical and utter genius. Edward Stark is Eddie, owner of a medieval theme park trying to get his incompetent staff ready for opening day. This is a trailer for the funniest summer blockbuster comedy never made. If someone asks you if you’ve been busy tell them you’re working on a gravity belt. Jazz hands!