Hitman Go

A new take on the franchise puts Agent 47 in a diorama puzzle game


It feels like only yesterday that Agent 47, the sharp-dressed, bald contact killer, was dispatching people in Hitman Absolution. But he’s back already, albeit in a different form. Hitman Go is a mobile, turn-based strategy game. The game and its settings look like 3D dioramas of moments from the franchise - a mansion with a pool, for example, or a plush interior. The characters are static playing pieces, as in chess, or Subbuteo. You move incrementally across a virtual board, and the other characters move simultaneously. Get into their line of vision and they’ll see you; move too close and they’ll kill you. But if they’re facing the other way, you can creep up and take them out. Hitman Go is understated, slick and quietly compelling. If you want to strangle someone with piano wire or fire a machine gun while wearing a silly disguise, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you want a strange, understated strategy/board game, then you have the right address. hitman.com