Tech hub could create almost 3,000 jobs in Dublin

Group seeks to establish Dublin as top European location for startups

Dublin has the potential to become a tech hub that could create more than 2,800 jobs and contribute as much as €200 million to the economy each year, a new report claimed today.

The study, which was compiled by the Dublin City Council, the Dublin Chamber and the Creative Dublin Alliance, said the city could be recognised as the top EU hub for innovation in technology, and could sustain the already thriving startup sector in the city.

A number of working and consultation groups were inveolved in drawing up recomendations for the plan, with industry figures such as NDRC’s Gary Leyden, Joan Mulvihill from the IIA and the IDA’s Barry O’Leary taking part.

The ultimate aim is to attract more investment and entrepreneurs to the city, with a single strategy to help Dublin achieve that. The report made a number of recommendations, including the a coherent marketing strategy to promote the city, helping startups connect with the supports and services they need to build a thriving business, and improve aspects of the regulatory environment including the creation of a streamlined visa process for tech startups and investors.


The programme would be facilitated by the appointment of a “commissioner for startups” who would oversee the strategy and serve as a facilitator for startups who feel they have hit a barrier.

A taskforce would also be set up to help promote Dublin as a credible location for startups and entrepreneurs, and any gaps in Dublin’s cluster links would also be identified, such as transport links between tech clusters and locations such as universities and research centres.