Shell E&P Ireland to seek review of pollution prevention licence in early 2014

High Court quashed EPA decision to grant permit in October

The Corrib natural gas field developer will apply to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for review of its pollution prevention and control licence early in 2014.

The High Court quashed the EPA's decision to grant the licence to Shell Exploration & Production Ireland Ltd (Sepil) in October following an application brought by Martin Harrington, who successfully argued that the agency had not followed the correct process in reaching its decision.

A company newsletter published yesterday states that it plans to apply a for a new review of the licence early in 2014. In 2007, the EPA granted it a licence that covered the discharge of treated produced water – that is naturally occurring water coming into the terminal in the gas stream – at a point 2km from Erris Head.

Following consultations with local fishermen, it decided to move the discharge point to the Corrib Field, 83km off the Mayo coast. In June, the EPA granted it a revised licence to allow this. Mr Harrington subsequently challenged this decision.