Comedy panel format makes a return to RTÉ

Comedy panel format returns to RTÉ Two schedule in 2014

A new comedy panel show called Next Week's News has been commissioned by RTÉ Two for its 2014 schedule and will follow the format of Next Year's News, a one-off "comedy panel show with a twist" to be broadcast on the channel on New Year's Eve.

Hosted by The Voice of Ireland and The Movie Show presenter Eoghan McDermott, the new year special will see team captains PJ Gallagher and Neil Delamere offer their predictions for next year.

RTÉ's publicity blurb gives a taster of the political and pop culture comedy riffs that are to come: "What's next for Miley Cyrus? Will Enda see out the year? Who will replace Nidge as the man we Love to Hate in 2014? Next Year's News has the answers!"

RTÉ Two has not had a regular comedy panel show since The Panel, which began in 2003 and switched to RTÉ One in 2008, where it ran for a further three years. Delamere was also a regular on that show and is understood to have been the first person cast for Next Year's News / Next Week's News.


RTÉ has been keen to add a panel show to its comedy mix and believes that a topical news-led theme, rather than a more niche angle, is likely to offer the most sustainable approach. In other words, its contributors will be hoping that the news headlines stay bizarre enough that the jokes can write themselves.

Laura Slattery

Laura Slattery

Laura Slattery is an Irish Times journalist writing about media, advertising and other business topics