Channel 4 brushes up on ‘Generation Foundation’

Broadcaster commissions make-up pilot from Northern Ireland’s Big Mountain Productions

In more proof that what is popular on YouTube will infiltrate television eventually, Channel 4 has commissioned a pilot show on the world of make-up from Northern Ireland's Big Mountain Productions.

Generation Foundation will "explore the world of make-up masters who use their face and fashion choices to stand out, beautify or shock" in a one-hour film featuring "contouring queens" and "bad Barbies", according to the broadcaster.

Professional YouTubers to enthusiastic amateurs “with a flair for foundation” will get to showcase their skills on the show, while the programme will also “seek to discover the motivations behind their chosen looks”, Channel 4 says. “All will start the process completely stripped back.”

“It’s harder than ever to make a mark as an individual with make-up,” says Channel 4 head of features Gill Wilson. “Those we feature are pushing the boundaries to their limit, trying to create a look which is unique, shocking, utterly perfect or all three.”


Big Mountain's creative director Jane Kelly says: "We've quite a track record in spotting new ways into global subjects from our base in Northern Ireland, so we're excited to see where our latest trend spotting will take us."

Heads may turn.

Laura Slattery

Laura Slattery

Laura Slattery is an Irish Times journalist writing about media, advertising and other business topics