Nestlé to invest €1bn in more sustainable coffee farming

Food giant to work with farmers on regenerative agriculture practices as climate change threatens production

Nestlé is investing over €1 billion to help make coffee farming more sustainable.

Under its Nescafe plan, it will work with farmers in Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia and Honduras, which together account for 90 per cent of its coffee – to help them transition to regenerative agriculture.

“Climate change is putting coffee-growing areas under pressure,” David Rennie, head of Nestlé coffee brands, said, adding that rising temperatures will reduce the area suitable for growing coffee by up to half by 2050.

The company said it will work with the coffee farmers – most of whom live below the poverty line – to test and assess the effectiveness of a range of regenerative agriculture practices to improve soil fertility, biodiversity and plant selection and yield.