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Three steps to a more efficient home heating system

Reliability and overall performance are key to choosing the right heating solutions for your home


Grant Afinia radiators are designed to work effectively with both low and high temperature systems


Selecting the right heating products for your property is one of the most important decisions you will need to make, whether you are retrofitting, deep retrofitting or building a new home.

The good news is that heating products in today’s market are more efficient than ever thanks to innovations resulting from extensive research and development which are transforming industry technology. Both oil and renewable heating products are making major strides in efficiency and sustainability levels, and when multiple technologies are partnered together in line with an overall home heating strategy, the system can be taken into a new class of efficiency.

Heating technology manufacturer Grant is leading the way with an expanding product portfolio. In recent years the company has diversified its offering, which – in addition to its renowned Vortex condensing oil boilers and Aerona3 R32 air source heat pumps – also offers pre-plumbed hot water cylinders and heat emitters including underfloor heating and radiators as part of its multiple package solutions offering which enables homeowners to have their property’s full heating requirements designed, quoted and supplied from one place.

Grant has outlined three key steps which should be considered when seeking a more efficient heating system.

Grant Vortex Pro Utility – awarded a Which? Best Buy 2019’

Step 1 – Identify the right heat source

Every property is different and has unique requirements. Often, a heating system upgrade comes about because of a breakdown or because an old boiler is not working efficiently. Grant’s Vortex condensing oil boiler range provides a wide choice for homeowners with 63 models included across the range. This includes the Vortex Pro Utility which has just received a Which? Best Buy for 2019, marking the third consecutive year this range has received recognition from Which? and solidifying Grant’s role as the only oil boiler manufacturer in Ireland and the UK to receive this recognition.

As the focus on sustainable forms of home heating continues to grow, it is also important to ensure compliance with environmental standards outlined in building regulations for those embarking on a self-build project and for those deep retrofitting, renewables will also be a key consideration. For example, the new A+++ Grant Aerona3 R32 inverter driven air source heat pump range features R32 refrigerant which has a lower global warming potential than typical heat pump refrigerants and provides a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly performance. 

Reinforcing Grant’s commitment to providing market-leading heating solutions, units within the range not only provide cleaner and more sustainable operation, but also exceptional efficiencies. Depending on the climate conditions and demand on the heating system at the time, units can deliver 4kW of heat energy for every 1kW of electricity used and the heat pumps output modulates up or down depending on the exact climate conditions to ensure maximum energy efficiencies for the property. The 13kW and 17kW models also recently received recognition from international award programme Quiet Mark for their quiet operation - an important feature for many homeowners. 

Step 2 – Choose complementary technologies

Identifying the best heat source for a property is key, however, installing the right supporting technologies is equally as important. Choosing a high-performance hot water cylinder will support the systems overall efficiency and this can be selected to work with one or more heat source for example an oil boiler or renewable product.

Grant’s pre-plumbed cylinders are designed to heat water faster and more efficiently than standard cylinders. All pre-plumbed and pre-wired features are conveniently located to ensure quick and easy installation. They also operate effectively with Grant Vortex oil boilers and renewable products including the Grant Aerona3 R32 heat pump – which gives peace of mind from knowing that each of these products is designed to partner with one another and additional package components. 

The final part of the puzzle is selecting the correct heat emitters to suit both the homeowners’ and the heat source’s needs

Step 3 – Choose appropriate heat emitters

The final part of the puzzle is selecting the correct heat emitters to suit both the homeowners’ and the heat source’s needs. Designed to effectively distribute heat into a home, new considerations are being given to the design and placement of heat emitters throughout the home to support the overall design and architecture of the space whilst also creating comfort and liveability for the occupants.

Underfloor heating can work with oil boilers and renewable technologies alike, offering homeowners the enormous advantage of being an unobtrusive heating system – lying under the floor and invisible in the home. Wet underfloor heating systems can either be embedded within the floor construction or fitted on top of an existing floor surface. Grant’s Uflex underfloor heating is ideal for both new builds and retrofitting and is especially well loved under tile and hardwood flooring in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, serving dual purpose to warm the room whilst also keeping feet toasty year-round.

A room’s look is an important consideration for homeowners and today’s market offers a range of options, broadening the horizons away from traditional radiators. Aluminum radiators, such as the Afinia range from Grant, are compatible with high and low temperature systems. They have excellent conductivity and, with vertical and horizontal combinations available, deliver flexibility with installations. With the ability to expand these radiators from 6-20 panels, the Afinia range offers great adaptability to suit the unique needs of homeowners.

For those seeking the popular minimalist look, fan convectors could be the right match. Grant’s Solo fan convectors are slim in design, compact, and there is no need for wall thermostats or thermostatic radiator valves. These emitters support a sleek look and feel for a space, with minimal disruption to the aesthetics of a room.

Working with the expertise of Grant’s team, homeowners can help optimise their home heating investment by ensuring high efficiency and long-term savings delivered by a smart heating system designed with the unique needs of the occupant and building in mind.

For further information on Grant’s multiple package solutions visit or contact the team on 057 9126975. 

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