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Markets in Ireland, Britain and Greece reopened yesterday following the bank holiday. Major indexes in Germany and the United States hit highs (...)

Commerzbank chief executive officer Martin Blessing is reducing employees across the firm and asking shareholders to contribute to a €2.5 billion capital increase to repay the German government and insurer Allianz. Photograph: Reuters/Lisi Niesner

Commerzbank, the German bank that received €18.2 billion in state aid, reported a loss for the second consecutive quarter after booking costs a(...)

A survey by Germany's Ifo think-tank showed business morale dropped for a second month in April, fuelling concerns about the health of the euro(...)

“It was the Irish government that imposed the farthest-reaching guarantee for its banking system at the start of the crisis – on its own initiative,” said German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble. Photograph: Eric Luke

On a dismal Tuesday night, 600 Berliners have braved the snow and a bitter, Siberian wind to fill the Deutsches Theater. Six bankers prowl the (...)

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