Despite fears about the impact of Brexit and other international challenges on the horizon, the economy continued to outpace most other EU countries, even if getting an exact measure of growth here is next to near impossible given the impact of the multinationals. Photograph:  John Ohle

It has been another year of strong growth for the Irish economy. Despite fears about the impact of Brexit and other international challenges on the ho(...)

Paschal Donohoe: eyeing budget surpluses.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw for The Irish Times

The Government may have avoided a pre-Christmas election after the Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy survived a motion of no confidence on Tuesday. B(...)

Figures from the OECD show that in the Republic, environmentally-related taxes accounted for 7.4 per cent of total revenue. Photograph: iStock

The State collected a greater share of tax revenue from environmentally-related taxes than the OECD average although the share of the total tax take h(...)

The advisory council warning comes as exchequer returns show the Government took in a record €3.1bn in corporation tax last month and is on course for a record €11bn this year.

The Government has again been warned against using “windfall taxes” to fund public services similar to what occurred during the boom. Irish Fiscal Ad(...)

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe said that higher-than-expected corporate tax income seen in recent years “will not last forever”. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe has set out targets to run budget surpluses and reduce the State’s debt in the coming years to help prepare the (...)

 Minister for Finance  Paschal Donohoe: The windfall was driven by a number of big payments from multinationals in the tech and pharma sectors, the Department of Finance confirmed.

The Government took in a record €3.1 billion in corporation tax in one month in November, nearly 30 per cent more than expected. The windfall was dri(...)

The OECD says the State is the second most progressive for income tax among its 36 member countries, and the most progressive among its EU members. Photograph: iStock

In the ephemeral festive glow of the coming weeks, family and friends returning home for the Christmas holidays from lives abroad will at some stage f(...)

Half last year’s total business tax receipts came from just 10 companies, believed to include tech giants Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Google and Oracle. Photograph: Paul McErlane/Bloomberg via Getty

Monday Indicators: Euro zone manufacturing PMI (Nov); UK manufacturing PMI (Nov); German manufacturing PMI (Nov); US manufacturing PMI and prices (No(...)

The organisation’s outlook comes days after the State’s Central Statistics Office said that a record 2.3 million people were working on the Republic. Photograph: iStock

Workers are in line for further pay rises as the Republic’s economy keeps growing, experts predicted in a report published on Thursday. The Organisat(...)

Ireland has had the lowest amount of losses of natural and semi-natural vegetation but has restored little land under this heading.

Ireland is out of step with many developed countries who are curbing carbon emissions, the latest environmental data released by the Organisation for (...)

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