Junior doctors protesting outside Belfast City Hall on Saturday afternoon. Photograph: Amanda Ferguson

Hundreds of junior doctors have staged a protest outside Belfast City Hall against proposals to change contracts it says could put patient safety at r(...)

The samples were mostly blood specimens but also included bodily waste, biopsies and other human tissue. Photograph: Getty Images/ File photo

Hundreds of hospital samples taken from patients to test for infection, disease and cancer have been lost in hospitals throughout Northern Ireland ove(...)

Antidepressant prescription rates in the North far exceeded those of England and Wales, and were higher than levels found in 23 countries featured in a global study

Northern Ireland has one of the world’s highest prescription rates for antidepressant medicines, according to new research, but fresh questions hav(...)

Selling cigarettes to under-18s is already illegal, but this does not prevent young people from obtaining them

The British Medical Association voted last month to recommend a ban on the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after 2000. They are now lobbying governm(...)

Sir Michael Marmot: “There’s an intimate relationship between where you are on the social hierarchy and your health. The people at the top have the longest life, those in the middle are shorter, and as you get lower and lower, the life expectancy gets shorter and shorter.”

Money doesn’t buy happiness, they say, but the clear evidence is that it does buy you extra years of life. The flip side of this, of course, is that t(...)

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