Fighting Words

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TICK tock, tick tock. “When will John come here? I’m lonely in the marsh,” Elizabeth the girl said out loud. Just then, John the last white swan poppe(...)

Illustration: Paula Gilvarry
Fruit’s Got Talent!

Bob was originally a human. But he became a banana by eating too many bananas. So did his friend Patricia, by eating too many pears. Bob’s dream sin(...)

Illustration: Imran Nasrudin
Raptor Kid Saves The Day

Once upon a time a boy called Raptor Kid lived in New York. One day, Raptor Kid ran into the evil T-Rex Man. Raptor Kid was scared of T-Rex Man becaus(...)

Illustration: Claire Supervie
The Train of Glorious Oreos

Once upon a time there was a panda named Oreo. He lived in a cave with diamonds in it. Oreo was sad and lonely because he wanted a pet. He didn’t feel(...)

In the smelliest house in the world, there lived a man named Mr Grumpy and his wife named Mrs Grumpy. Usually, it was peaceful on a Tuesday . . . but (...)

Illustration: Charlotte O’Connor
Joan’s Olympic Story

It was Valentine’s Day. Joan and Russel were meeting in Dublin. They were meeting in the pub. Russel was there first and he had a drink while he was w(...)

Illustration: Roisin Curè
The Diamond Paw

Once upon a time there was an evil cat called Patricia. She lived with her best friend, Harry the jousting dog. Patricia and Harry were in their cotta(...)

Illustration: Robert O’Donovan
The Adventure Dimension

Sparkles was a unicorn. He was in a lovely forest, called the Meatball Forest, with Diamond the baby rabbit. Sparkles was watching Diamond’s dreams.(...)

Illustration: Joseph McCafferty
Talking Carrots

One dark evening, Jimmy the Farmer was buying cattle food at the mart. After buying the food, he walked to the grocery store to buy carrot seeds. Ji(...)


Skating on the ice, Then it cracks beneath your feet, Falling underneath.

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