Fighting Words

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We’ve swum seas, climbed borders, don’t give us orders. Photograph: iStock

Listen to the sounds of the retreating immigrants The echoes of feet once fled If only you had seen all the bloodshed Listen to our pleas for help (...)

She felt a certain heaviness lift from her chest as she drifted down the steps of the house. Photograph: iStock

The cemetery was seldom frequented upon the hour approaching midnight. Ophelia drifted in and out of consciousness, staring upward with solemn eyes. H(...)

I can see the fence glinting through the blur of the trees. It stands 12 feet high, topped with razor wire. Photograph: Christopher Murray/EyeEm/ Getty

I can see the fence glinting through the blur of the trees. It stands 12 feet high, topped with razor wire. It’s what separates the Over Here from the(...)

I am currently sitting passively in one of my favourite places ever, the beach. Photograph: iStock

I sit lifelessly. Barely alive to the naked eye, but to the few who know me well, I am laughing, shouting, skipping ecstatically. My brain jumps and t(...)

Though he loves the city as much as I do, I worry about him, as his melancholic mind and pessimistic personality can cloud his judgement at times. Photograph: iStock

The dim glow of the street lamps, lit up by oil, casts an ominous light upon the city. The marble streets twist in and out at impossible angles, in a (...)

Me and my sister went to the pool Have to say, we looked cool. Photograph: iStock

Went on me hollibops To Fuerteventura, Got to the airport Got stopped by the cops. My ma went pink in the face She was scarlet, Swear hun She l(...)

Rosalinda Mihoc gets her revenge. Photograph: iStock

On Sunday I had a seagull for lunch, Oh, what a delicious thing to munch, I added some crisps to make it crunch. The inside of it was filled with b(...)

My reflection in the mirror flashes to my mind. “You don’t deserve food. You greedy selfish pig.” Photograph: iStock

I’m a prisoner. My eyes open and I stare at the ceiling, visualising the day ahead. I see a grey, wintery day, dark school corridors and hunger. A wav(...)

I knew it was time to leave before someone would uncover the artist behind my piece. I threw the empty can on the ground, and kicked it against a rock. Photograph: iStock

“Shit,” my can of spray paint had just run dry. I only had three left and this one was my last. The hot Californian sun was beating down onto my head (...)

Tears pooled in my eyes, I let them come. They flowed, as sure and as steady as the waves, as the cars. Photograph: iStock

I liked it here. The moonlight was soft, casting a calming glow around the room and the gentle hum of music slowed my thoughts. I sat by the windowsil(...)

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