Joey Alexander is in constant demand as a performer

Joey Alexander has the world at his feet: his first two albums have attracted Grammy nominations; his playing partners and musical mentors are some of(...)

Joey Alexander comes with some pretty heavyweight endorsements – Wynton Marsalis and Herbie Hancock are among his ardent admirers. In that context, t(...)

Sean Jones – former lead trumpet with Wynton Marsalis’s Jazz at the Lincoln Centre orchestra and more recently stand-in for Miles Davis in the tribute(...)

Edmar Castañeda: ‘They sent me pictures of all these little kids playing my harp, and I thought: that’s amazing, one day I was like that’

Airport security being what it is these days, there are probably easier things to drag around the world than a full-sized harp. But when it comes to d(...)

Ahmad Jamal: Saturday Morning
  • Music
  • September 27, 2013, 00:00

The word influential is much abused, but if anyone deserves the epithet it’s pianist Ahmad Jamal. There may be musicians from jazz’s golden age who(...)

Drummer Chris Dave: ‘I’m like a lab rat. I don’t really like to leave the studio so it’s hard to walk out the door unless I’m getting on a plane to play’

When a top jazz drummer rolls into town, usually what happens is that a small group of fans gets very excited, and the rest of the music world (...)