Tess Holliday

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Farrah Storr: “With the Tess Holliday cover, it doesn’t matter if people agree or not. It matters that they’re having the conversation”

The week I meet Farrah Storr is a big one for her: so big in fact, that I’m almost certain she will cancel and reschedule. The magazine she edits – Co(...)

Tess Holliday cosmo cover

The world’s biggest female tennis star gets told off for wearing too much clothing on the court. An Australian study finds that girls as young as eigh(...)

Pregnant women who “allow” themselves to become overweight are “criminal”, and placing needless strain on the healthcare system. That is the verdict o(...)

Jessamyn Stanley has over 200,000 followers on Instagram account , where she posts photos of herself in  complex yoga poses.

Jessamyn Stanley teaches yoga. She has written a book about it. She travels the world giving seminars to her fans – 200,000 of whom follow her Instagr(...)

The photo - for an event called Cherchez La Femme: Feminism and Fat - features a smiling Tess Holliday wearing a standard bikini.

Facebook has apologised for banning a photo of a plus-sized model and telling the feminist group that posted the image that it “depicts body parts in (...)

More Instagram followers than Tiger Woods: Tess Holliday, the size-24 model who features in Plus Sized Wars

Dress it up how you like: being fat, with all its health risks, is never going to be fabulous. But if the three high-street chains in this week’s Cutt(...)